• The California Theatre (map)
  • 345 South 1st Street
  • San Jose, CA, 95113
  • United States

Singing Alfredo in La traviata (Verdi): April 15m, 27

One of the most treasured operas of all time, La traviata is told in waltz time, giving us the life of the most beautiful woman in Paris. Dancing away her days, Violetta survives on the generosity of the wealthiest men of France, living in luxury until she meets Alfredo Germont, who, having nothing, offers her love instead. For a short spring, she and Alfredo live an idyllic life in the country until his father convinces her that their relationship is harming Alfredo’s sister. She gives him up and returns to a man who has kept her in the past, and everything crashes down around her. Verdi created one of the world’s most successful works for the stage when he penned the perennial La traviata.