• The California Theatre (map)
  • 345 South 1st Street
  • San Jose, CA, 95113
  • United States

Singing Greenhorn in Moby-Dick (Heggie/Scheer): February 6m
Covering Greenhorn: February 9, 10m, 14, 17m, 22, 24m

COMPANY PREMIERE! Moby-Dick is an opera based on the classic novel by Herman Melville. Set in 1820, it tells the story of Captain Ahab of the whaleship Pequod, who after losing one of his legs to a frightening white whale, becomes obsessed with finding and destroying the creature at any cost. Only one crew member, first mate Starbuck, realizes the deadly implications of Ahab’s obsession and the risks to the ship’s crew. Since its 2010 debut at the Dallas Opera, Jake Heggie and Gene Scheer’s opera adaption of Melville’s classic novel has captivated audiences with its inventive storytelling, spectacular music, sets and visual effects. Performances conducted by Music Director and Principal Conductor Joseph Marcheso; Kristine McIntyre serves as Stage Director.

Ahab - Richard Cox/Alex Boyer*
Greenhorn - Noah Stewart/Dane Suarez*
Starbuck - Justin Ryan
Queequeg - Ashraf Sewailam/Babatunde Akinboboye*
Pip - Jasmine Habersham/Maya Kherani*
Gardiner - Trevor Neal
Flask - Mason Gates

Conductor - Joe Marcheso
Stage Director - Kristine McIntyre

* denotes February 6 performance