• The California Theatre (map)
  • 345 South 1st Street
  • San Jose, CA, 95113
  • United States

Singing Erik in Der fliegende Holländer (Wagner): February 7m
Covering Erik: February 10, 11m, 15, 18m, 23, 25m

In his youth, Wagner created his fastest moving and perhaps his most effective score. The Flying Dutchman is an ideal introduction to Wagner. It’s the easiest to listen to and it has real melodies that convey the ancient legend of the immortal Dutchman, which culminates with this opera. As the legend goes, a ship’s captain is cursed to live until he can find someone who will love him until death. On this unique day he meets Senta, who has been obsessed with his legend from childhood. However, in the legend, she must die to free him from eternal life on earth, which has become a living hell. It is a brilliant story with one of the most compelling roles in all of opera, and it’s Wagner!